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Enerdata is an independent research company that specialises in the analysis and forecasting of energy and climate issues. We do this at a variety of different geographic and business / sector levels. Our company is headquartered in beautiful Grenoble, France, where we were founded in 1991, and has a subsidiary in Singapore.

Leveraging our globally recognised databases, business intelligence processes, and prospective models, Enerdata assists clients – which include companies, investors, and public authorities around the world – in designing their policies, strategies, and business plans.

Thus, working at Enerdata opens the doors to an international work environment and a wide range of projects of regional and global significance.


Working at Enerdata

Enerdata combines the dynamism of a start-up with the means and expertise of an established company. We have been in business for more than 30 years, and we continue to grow and evolve. We currently have 50 employees (with an average age of 37), who work together in cohesive teams in a casual work atmosphere.

From day one, you will be supported by the whole staff in your integration. While everyone is thoughtful in helping new team members get their bearings and feel at ease quickly, an individual “tutor” from a different team will be chosen as your point-of-reference throughout the integration process, so you’ll always have someone to talk to should any questions come up.

Throughout your career at Enerdata, you’ll see how learning and sharing are fundamental parts of our work culture, both within and between teams and departments. Our HR policy is to encourage the career path and evolution of each individual. To facilitate this, yearly appraisals will be conducted to discuss, among other topics, your career development and growth.

Our team efficiency is based on a relaxed spirit.

Many company outings are organised throughout the year: seminars, various light-hearted challenges (sports, cooking, blind tests…), darts tournaments, picnics or dinners, event celebrations and more.

Our forward-thinking and caring management team relies on trust, which enables remote work and flexible hours.

Icing on the cake: Gourmet coffee and tea are free in the Grenoble office to support your dynamism!😊

Enerdata team

Our values


  • Our team are close-knit to enable everyone to evolve in a supportive environment, while keeping stress to a minimum.
  • We work hand-in-hand with our stakeholders, by building long-term relationships.



  • We are a global company, and are open-minded to any culture in terms of staff, contents, projects, and clients.
  • This diversity, aligned with our strategy, results in evolution.



  • Our analyses are objective and based entirely on factual and verified information.
  • Our analyses and research go beyond the figures, leveraging continuously updated data, models, and forecasts.
  • Our solutions and experts are globally recognised.


  • Our work and publications are not influenced or censored by anyone.
  • We are free to select our areas of growth and development, our strategy, clients, and our partners.

About the location: Grenoble, France

Located in the French Alps, Grenoble is a recognised research cluster in the Energy and Microelectronics sectors, composed of major universities (50,000 international students), global research centres and corporations. Close to Lyon and neighbouring Italy, Grenoble benefits from its strategic location and the vicinity of the mountains, offering plenty of outdoor leisure opportunities.

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